Our Home

SnoDen Samoyeds is located on ten acres just outside of Saint Louis, MO. Our Samoyeds are members of the family! Each Samoyed has their own 5’x5′ room to hang out in while we are working so they are not confined to crates. Their rooms will soon have outdoor access so they can choose to spend their days inside or out while we are not home. Here at SnoDen we are very active and enjoy going on outings where the dogs are welcomed. Purina Farms is only 30 minutes from our home and we get the privilege of enjoying many dog friendly events. Our Samoyeds enjoy walks, socializing with other dogs at the local dog park, and running with the dog sled. If you are interested in visiting our home feel free to call or e-mail. We understand the importance of knowing where your puppy was raised and what type of environment they have been kept in.

Asyah and Ashley Halsey and Nia the girls Sledding

Whisper  kenneldogs on couch