The Puppies

Where are the puppies kept?
The puppies are born and raised in the house up to 8 weeks old. It really depends on the size of the litter. If it is small and I can keep them inside longer, I will.  Once they can play outside, I let then go out to a large fenced in area where they can play during the day.

What will you have already given my puppy when it comes home?
The puppies are de-wormed every two weeks from birth; two, four, six, and eight. They also get two five way shots before leaving at six and eight weeks. This includes parvo, distemper and hepatitis.

Are Samoyeds good with other dogs, animals, and children?
Yes, but they are dogs so they sill have the dog nature. All Samoyeds are very sweet and loving toward most other dog and family pets. They are great family dogs and wonderful with children. But like any other dog owner, you must provide good training, socialization, and adequate exercise.

Are these dogs easily housebroken?
I believe they are. I have never had a problem, but I am a firm believer in crate training and scheduled feedings. I also think that when you are trying to housebreak a dog don’t let the dog roam the house. Restrict the dog to a room with you so you can keep on eye on it and take them out when they need to go. Consistency and Praise is a key to success.

Do you take payments?
Yes, I take payments but it is to be done within a certain time frame and the puppy or dog does not leave my property until paid in full. I am willing to work with people but I have been burned before and am now cautious.

Do Samoyeds need a lot of grooming and do they shed?
Samoyeds do require lots of grooming and they do shed once or twice a year. A regular weekly brushing is required and during shedding season extra time brushing is necessary. When bathed, the Samoyed needs to be dried well because of the large coat to avoid causing any sores or hot spots on the skin.

Are all you dogs inside or outside?
Presently, I have them inside and outside. My dogs are allowed to play outside as well as lounge in the house. They are all house trained and are my pets. They do have a three large yards and dog kennels outside. Depending on who is in heat and what is going on. All the dogs are allowed outside in the yards as well as I have kennels to separate them when necessary. 


Do you ship to Canada or Out of the United States?
I can ship within the United States as well as with in Canada. I can not ship to outside the United States.

Shipping a Puppy?
Puppies are shipped on an airplane and are places in a secure crate for shipment. They are shipped out of the air cargo section and are picked up near the baggage clam. Reservations are made by me and I try and work around the new owner’s schedule. This is because I am familiar with the route and am able to remove the burden from the new owners. Reservations are limited by space and weather. The flight depends on if there is room for the crate or if the weather is too cold or hot. In these cases, the puppy cannot be shipped. In certain areas, some airlines do not allow pets, so I try and find a airline that will get you new puppy as close as possible to his new home. Over the last four years 98% of my puppies have been shipped and I have never had a problem with the fight being hard on the puppy. Since puppies sleep most of the time anyway, they seem to do fine on the plane. With my shipping cost you are paying for the Plane Ticket, New Crate, Health Certificate, and transportation.

Show or Pet?

Are there variations in the Samoyed breed?
Yes, there are many different types and looks even within one breed. You have the wolf type and the bear type within the Samoyed. Things like ear set, body style, head shape, eye color and shape are susceptible to interpretation. The AKC breed standard describes what a Samoyed should look like but, even then, people make their own interpretation on the appearance and structure. Of course, the most diverse is the appearance of the Sammy. Structure is pretty consistent. You cannot change a 45° shoulder lay back which is expected in the breed. If you want a Samoyed, try and make sure you are getting the look and temperament you desire before purchasing.

What is the difference between pet and show quality?
Mentally and/or health wise there is not real difference. It is just that a certain puppy maybe closer to the AKC breed standard than the others. There is no perfect dog but as a breeder our goal should be to improve the breed. The gist of what I am looking for in a “show prospect“ is the Samoyed temperament, straight front and rear, and the dog’s movement. There are many other factors but these are the main three because all  the other factors involved can be seen and evaluated just by looking and feeling these three elements. Each breeder has a preference on what they believe is show quality. It is important for a buyer to know is exactly what they are looking for, pet or show, and know that responsibilities that are involved.

Is it hard to show a dog?
Showing a dog, in my opinion, is easy. If you are interested in showing, I suggest reading some books on showing. There are a lot of expenses involved like: gas, grooming table, make up, dryer, and entry fees. You must realize all that goes into a show dog before you decide to show.

How old do the puppies have to be before you can tell they are “Show Quality”?
The puppy has to be eight weeks, give or take three days. At this age, it is the best time to be able to see what the puppy will look like as an adult. This is why I sell most of my puppies as pets when they are young because you cannot promise that there is even going to be a show prospect in the litter. You cannot judge the puppies against themselves but against the AKC standard and what is presently showing in the ring. Even in different regions you will see different looks and  types of a Samoyed.