Grooming a Samoyed

The first thing people say when they see a Samoyed is “what a beautiful dog” followed quickly with “Oh, they must be so hard to keep clean”. I have never found it difficult to keep my Samoyeds clean and as long as you regularly groom them they will stay pretty good until one day you just know it is time for a bath. 

Teaching your dog to enjoy been groomed is so important and there is nothing worse than having a struggle with a puppy or a full grown dog that refuses to be groomed. I like to start grooming my Samoyeds as soon as possible. This way they are use to being groomed and love any type of attention.

You do have to teach your dog manners for grooming and they can learn very quickly who is the boss, who is the push over, and who they can take advantage of. Just remember if they object to an area been done, do just not move onto another area because by letting the dog choose you are creating a pattern that will be hard to break. With little ones don’t expect them to lie still at the beginning for the entire groom. Do one side of them, then let them free for a play then continue with the other side.

Grooming should be a pleasure for you and your dog. For those first lessons on the table give the puppy a pig ear or a chewy teat to occupy him and to distract him but he must still learn from you that you expect him to stay still.

As well as the usual “sit”, “down” and “stay”, teach him commands such as “turn around”, “the other side” or “let’s do your tummy”. By talking to your dog while grooming and bathing him you will be amazed just how cooperative they become when they remember the words. “the other side” or “let’s do your tummy”.

Grooming a Samoyed is not hard and a thorough combing at least every two weeks (more when they are moulting) and a brush twice a week will keep your Sam looking very nice. If you want to brush them everyday, do so, but it is not necessary.

The purpose of grooming is to remove dead and loose coat, to prevent matting and to stimulate new hair growth. It is a chance to inspect your Sam for any health issue, to inspect the skin for lumps, especially in the older dog, check for grass seeds and for fleas, ticks ( I recommend PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Protection For Dogs).

Inspect the ears and remove any wax build up with cotton balls, check and clean teeth with tartar and clip nails. It is an opportunity to spend individual time with your dog and they really love that.

Grooming Tools:

Good grooming equipment is paramount and everyone will have their favorite combs and brushes. I do prefer certain combs and brushes but you are welcome to explore new tools.

  • Comb  This is great to get deep in the coat and really get things combed out.

  • Brush This works great on the surface and getting things cleaned up on the outer coat. 

  • Slicker I like to have the large and the small size. I use the small slicker for their feet and under their arms. THis is great to get out mats and brush out dirt. 

  • Rake This is great when a Samoyed is moltingimages (1)
  • Scissors  
  • Nail Clippers and Styptic Powder Fast Quick Stop for accidents



Some other unnecessary items, I use.

  • Grooming Table I have a 33″ H x 18″ W x 30″ L
  • Shampoo I use just cheap human shampoo for bathing but if I am whitening I use GVP Conditioning Shampoo and dilute it 1:2 parts water. I don’t let it sit long on the dog as it will turn a dog purple. SBS-264028
  • Grooming Box You can use just about any tackle box but I have a Grooming Case.

The Groom:

Now we start with the groom and it is so much easier for your back if you have your dog at waist height so a table is perfect. Crates can have a wooden piece of ply fitted into the top and this will be excellent also. Just cover them with a non-slip blanket.

Their  is no set way to groom a Samoyed. The three phases are pre-brush/scissors, bath, dry, and finish brush.  I like to divide the dog into sections, the forequarters, the neck head and front. The middle section of tummy, sides and back, then the hind quarters and tail.

The purpose of grooming and brushing is to comb every part on your dogs body and I mean every hair, layer by layer from the skin to the ends of the coat, by parting the hair with the left hand and putting the comb, held in the right hand, to the skin and combing the hair out to the ends of the coat.

The left hand is placed firmly on the hair above the area which you are grooming so the skin is not pulled. You gradually work through each section as detailed above, combing every section of hair so that if the comb were pulled through the coat it would slide freely without tugging or catching.

So many people do not comb to the skin and have an ungroomed layer, if you do this your dog will never look good. Also if your dog starts to drop coat, please don’t think you can get away with showing him without grooming to hold his coat, he will also never look good.

Don’t forget to do behind the ears, the pads of their feet and toes, chest and neck, tummy, and the tail.

Most Sams hate their tails been groomed and I find it easier to take the tip of the tail between my fingers and form a small pom pom at the end and with the brush work through that hair. I then slide my hand down the tail by another inch and make a bigger pom pom and including the groomed hair proceed to brush the hair away again towards the tip of the tail. I work my way down to the base of the tail, section by section, until you are holding this glorious plumed tail. Give it more brushing from base to tip then take the tip of tail in your fingers and give the tail a shake and every hair will fall into place.




These video give you an idea how to brush, wash, and blow dry a Samoyed. You do not have to buy a pump to bath them and you do not have to have a table or dog dryer. These are just item breeders use and have incorporated into grooming to make our lives easy when grooming multiple dogs. 

          If you have any questions feel free to contact SnoDen Samoyeds.