Grooming a Samoyed

The first thing people say when they see a Samoyed is “what a beautiful dog” followed quickly with “Oh, they must be so hard to keep clean”. I have never found it difficult to keep my Samoyeds clean and as long as you regularly brush them they will stay relatively clean. 

Teaching your dog to enjoy being groomed is important and there’s nothing worse than having a struggle with a puppy or a full grown dog that refuses to be groomed. I like to start grooming my Samoyeds as soon as possible with daily brushing as they are young. This way it is second nature and love the attention.

Your dog will need to learn manners for grooming and know who is in charge of the grooming session. They can quickly learn how to use their paws and head to push you away or lay down when you want to bush their legs. Just remember if they objected to an area been done you must inform them it’s not an option.  If you allow a dog to dictate a groom soon you won’t be ae to groom them at all. Some Samoyeds will even growl or bite to push you away. With puppies you want to have short session to make it fun and enjoyable. Do one side of them let play then continue with the other side.

Grooming should be a pleasure for you and your dog. For those first lessons on the table give the puppy a pig ear or a chewy teat to occupy him and to distract him. As he beings to age you can teach teach them grooming commands; “sit”, “down” and “stay”, “turn around”, “the other side” or “let’s do your tummy”. By talking to your dog while grooming and bathing him you will be amazed just how cooperative they become when they remember the words; “the other side” or “let’s do your tummy”.

Grooming a Samoyed is not hard, and a thorough brushing weekly can maintain their coat. The purpose of grooming is to remove dead and loose coat, to prevent matting and to stimulate new hair growth. It is a chance to inspect your Sammy for any health issue, to inspect the skin for lumps, especially in the older dog, check for grass seeds and for fleas, ticks  ( I recommend PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Protection For Dogs). Inspect the ears and remove any wax build up with cotton balls, check and clean teeth with tartar and clip nails. It is an opportunity to spend individual time with your dog.

Grooming Tools:

Good grooming equipment is paramount, and everyone will have their favorite combs and brushes. I do prefer certain combs and brushes, but you are welcome to explore new tools.


  • Comb – This is great to get deep in the coat and really get things combed out.

  • Brush -This works great on the surface and getting things cleaned up on the outer coat. 

  • Slicker -This is my #1 tool!! I like to have the long and the short tooth. I use the small slicker for their feet and under their arms. This tool is great to get out mats and brush out dirt. 

  • Rake – This is great when a Samoyed is moltingimages (1)
  • Scissors  
  • Nail Clippers 


  • A stop bleed for nail quick accidents. The Veterinary Formula to stop bleeding.
  • Dryer – The best dryer for one dog is the flying pig dryer with heat. Remember when using the heat portion of the dryer always run the dryer on high or you will burn up the heating element and the heat will stop working. A cheap and affordable solution for a pet owner is the flying pig dryer.

If there is one thing, I can say will help you succeed at grooming is a table. Teaching your puppy to sit on a table and stay will make the process 100% time easier.

  • Grooming Table- I have a 33″ H x 18″ W x 36″ L
  • Shampoo – for regular baths i use a oatmeal dog shampoo. If I am trying to Whiten a Samoyed I use White on White.
  • Grooming Box You can use just about any tackle box but I have a Grooming Case.

Now Performing The Groom:

The pre groom beings will a full brush out.  It is so much easier for your back if you have your dog at waist height, so a table is your perfect tool. You can also use a crate and have a wooden piece of ply fitted onto the top.  Just be sure to cover with a non-slip blanket.

The three phases are pre-brush/scissors, bath, dry, and finish brush.  I like to divide the dog into sections during their full brush out, the forequarters, the neck head and front. The middle section of tummy, sides and back, then the hind quarters and tail.

The purpose of grooming and brushing is to comb every part on your dogs body and I mean every hair, layer by layer from the skin to the ends of the coat, by parting the hair with the left hand and putting the comb, held in the right hand, to the skin and combing the hair out to the ends of the coat.

The left hand is placed firmly on the hair above the area which you are grooming so the skin is not pulled. You gradually work through each section as detailed above, combing every section of hair so that if the comb were pulled through the coat it would slide freely without tugging or catching. This can also be done with a long tooth sliker and some people find that easier.

So many people do not comb or brush to the skin and have an ungroomed layer, if you do this your dog will never look good and can potentially have mats against the skin.  Don’t forget to do the friction area; behind the ears, the pads of their feet and toes, chest and armpits, lower tummy, and the base of tail.

Most Sams hate their tails been groomed and I find it easier to take the tip of the tail between my fingers and form a small pom pom at the end and with the brush work through that hair. I then slide my hand down the tail by another inch and make a bigger pom pom and including the groomed hair proceed to brush the hair away again towards the tip of the tail. I work my way down to the base of the tail, section by section, until you are holding this glorious plumed tail. Give it more brushing from base to tip then take the tip of tail in your fingers and give the tail a shake and every hair will fall into place.

After you have fully brushed your Samoyed, you can scissor the hair off the bottom of the feet and also shape the foot by cutting off the fly aways between the toes.  Some people do a sanitary cut right around the anus to avoid any poop getting stuck.  Once that is complete you can bath your Samoyed.

After the bath you want to brush and blow dry your dog until their is no water on the dog and they do not feel damp. If you don’t the dog may develop a hot spot.  Once fully dry do a fully brush out,  final clean up trim on feet and anus and you are done.




These video give you an idea how to brush, wash, and blow dry a Samoyed. You do not have to buy a pump to bath them and you do not have to have a table or dog dryer. These are just item breeders use and have incorporated into grooming to make our lives easy when grooming our dogs.

If you have any questions feel free to contact SnoDen Samoyeds.